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Heart Healthy Travelers in the Galapagos Islands

Travel can be good for you as well as fun!

Numerous research results state that people who take VACATIONS are more productive and even have lower incidences of heart attacks. As a matter of fact,  according to a 2009 MSNBC report,  men who don’t take vacations are 32 percent more likely to die of a heart attack than their vacationing co-workers. And workaholic women don’t fare any better, with their chances increasing 50 percent.

Corporate America employees are overworked, stressed and depriving themselves of vacation time—and companies throughout the United States are seeing the effects reflected in their bottom lines.

Such conclusions are not surprising since,  as a Nuclear Cardiologist, we have known that unrelieved stress is a major risk factor in the development of coronary artery disease and adverse cardiac events. Stress reduction, in the form of a good VACATION, results from focusing the mind on sights and experiences completely different that everyday concerns.  Also, the benefits are not just confined to the actual vacation time!

Interesting sights, new cuisine, exciting experiences and new friends all make for pleasant memories.  My wife, Anna, and I have vacationed in both the Galapagos and British Virgin Islands- very different places!  Each gave us unforgettable memories that continue to bless us months and years later.

Not all VACATIONS are created equal, however.  It is important to consider good health measures both in the planning and in the vacation itself.  Careful planning will reduce stress, while attention to dietary concerns along and demands of physical activity are important.  We built up our stamina for exploring the varied terrain of the Galapagos Islands by walking regularly and for great distances for two months before our trip.

Medical conditions or limitations, should prompt one to take certain common-sense precautions.  Remember to have prescriptions filled close to your travel date and carry a copy of them along with you.  A pre-trip visit to your doctor, may be in order.  Certain natural cuisine offerings may need to  be modified and careful attention given to packing needed medications.

Regardless of your health, most of us will enjoy a greater level of enjoyment at our vacation destination if we practice heart-healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

We hope to aid in providing information you need to be a Heart-Healthy Traveler and to suggest some  great VACATION destinations!

As the poet says, ” A thing of beauty is a joy forever…”  and the beautiful beaches we’ve visited will always fill our memories with joy.

For specifics on the Best Travel Club Ever, company, go to  annagordon.worldventures.biz.   Begin the overview by clicking on button #1.

May you have fair winds and prevailing seas!

Heart Doc

PS- Look for more information about some of our favorites vacation destinations, both domestic and abroad: to Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, AZ;  Dallas, TX;  Los Angeles, Hollywood, Monterrey, San Francisco and Huntingdon Beach, CA;  New York, NY;  Boston and Philadelphia, PA;  Charleston, SC;  Toronto, Canada;  Peter Island, BVA; the Galapagos Islands;  Mia Riveria, Mexico …. and our  future vacation destinations!



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