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In my Inglewood , California high school, I was good in math and science. Naturally, I followed my father into engineering and physics, attending his alma matter, the University of Southern California.

To further my studies, I was accepted into Columbia University’s Master’s Degree program.   Upon graduation I took a job in avionics group, North American Aviation, in Los Angeles.  The work was interesting but I had a sense of unrest.  I finally realized  that as much as I liked science, I also had a strong desire to serve people with science.  Medicine seemed to answer that desire, but I was conflicted.  After all,  I had paid my own way through college and graduate school for eight years, was well thought of at work and had a good salary and promising future.  Nevertheless, I could not get the idea out of my mind to pursue medicine.

I knew that to apply to medical school, I had to take freshman zoology.  So on the last night  of registration, I went to a good junior college and walked up to the outside booth to sign up for the course.  To my statement that I wanted to sign up for “Zoology -A, ” the student assistant replied, “Sorry.  Closed.”

The sinking feeling that followed his pronouncement reveled to me how much I wanted to take the class and steer my course towards medicine.  I wandered , almost like a sleep-walker, to the zoology office, now long-since closed.  As I stood there, in a daze, staring a the department door, a cheerful, middle-aged man walked up and said, “May I help you?”

“I wanted to register for zoology A, but the class is closed,” I said, in confused frustration.

“Come into my office,” said this kind zoology professor.

After a short conversation, he said, “You know, we like to have students like you.  Why don’t you go back to the registration booth.  Sometimes a new slot opens up.”

So, still sleep-walking, I walked back and told the same young volunteer, “I want to sign up for ‘Zoology -A.’ ”

With a slight irritation, he  stated flatly, “Its still closed.”

But another volunteer said, “No it isn’t! Theres another ticket in the box.”

Yes, the professor must have called over and told the to open another slot.  I took  “zoology A,” applied to medical school and got in the next year.

And so, I was called to medicine despite my reservations and the result has been a long a gratifying medical career.  I often think that God’s actions in our lives are most conspicuous in His timing.



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