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One of the remarkable things about heart disease is how is can sneak up on you!

One day my wife and I were returning a rental trailer to the owner of the establishment.   Anna is very friendly and is masterful in putting people at their ease.  She struck up a conversation with the owner.

As he put his foot up on the trailer hitch, Anna noticed that this “macho” guy had very “neat feet!”  She mentioned it to him and as he laughed, explained that he had to have regular pedicures because of his problem with ingrown toenails.

Anna exclaimed that I had the same problem and wanted to introduce us.  He naturally  inquired what I did.  When told that I was a Cardiologist, he said,  “You know, I’ve been having these chest pains lately.”  Anna encouraged him to tell me about it, then introduced us.

Much chest pain is benign, but as I questioned him, it became clear that he was describing the pain of heart disease, called Angina Pectiris.

I said, “Why don’t you come see me in my office?”

He came within the week.  His tests revealed serious blockage in all three of his coronary arteries and he had a quadruple coronary bypass surgery on Friday.

Two years later, he is doing very well and is pain-free.  Anna and I also gained a life-long friend.

Its important to emphasize that the patient’s chest discomfort was not severe and might have been ignored for some time.  So Anna’s friendliness and my medical knowledge was a superb example of “serendipity”- as some say, the  convergence of seemingly chance occurrences with a positive outcome.

A “superb example” of Divine Intervention, I prefer to think.

Healthy Traveling!

Heart Doc

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