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OvercomeFearOfFlyingNow.com by Steve Pollok

One of the simplest techniques to eliminate fear inside an airplane is to develop a keen habit of observation. Observation of what?  you might ask! Well, is observation of behavior and emotions from other people.  In this case, that would be what people surrounding you do, how they behave, how they feel about what’s going on with the airplane.  Through these observations you will be able to analyze the way others feel inside the cabin, how they think after an air pocket, or when the airplane rolls steep, or while there is wind shear and turbulence.

Once you get inside the cabin and buckle your seat belt, is time for observation. Look to others sitting next to you and learn how they behave, especially right after any abnormal movement while in flight.  I am not telling you to do what others do, but the purpose is to understand the thought process on an individual in the same environment that you are.

Why? Because through this exercise you will realize how hyped-up you are about flying! You will also realize that your behavior is abnormal in terms of self-confidence and self control about whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable. Think of it this way and visualize this conversation within yourself…

“Ok, oops!That bump was rough! Hum, but look at these other people, they didn’t even blink and here I am panicking about this silly air-pocket here cruising at 27,000ft. Hum, they just keep reading like if nothing happened. I need to come to realize that I need to try to learn how to get more comfortable with flying and with a few more flights I should be able to feel more comfortable like everyone around me.

Just keeping this thought in your mind, it will open the door to overcome fear of flying. With small steps in the right direction anyone can overcome their fears of flying on airplanes. Plenty of exposure for flying combined with some guidance and self determination will only further you into getting more comfortable logging some air time up in the air.

Remember that, you can overcome fear of flying by starting with observation!!!

Good luck!!


–My name is Steve Pollok and I have been a traveler for over 22 years and traveling is one of my passions. I really enjoy the whole process of just hopping on an airplane and visiting my favorite destinations. Through these experiences I have come across many people that did not feel comfortable inside an airplane or that turbulence made them fear of flying. I have found really good answers and techniques for people to overcome fear of flying at www.OvercomeFearOfFlyingNow.com.

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