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By Carolyn Anderson

Tips to Improve Memory – 5 Things You Can Do Towards a Sharper Memory
By Carolyn Anderson Platinum Quality Author

Learn these 5 tips to improve memory and you will see a difference in how easily you can memorize things. Of course, having a sharp memory is not just good for those attending school, it is also a very helpful skill that you want to have until you grow old.

Whether you are in school or working, it is always important to have a sharp memory. Of course, that helps a lot in everything. Even from the simple tasks of being able to remember the people you meet can be a very good skill that will truly benefit you. Memory can indeed be trained and practiced.

Here are some of the tips to improve memory and help you enhance your learning skills.

1. Manage stress. Stress does not only add years to your age, it will also take a toll on your health as well as your memory. Of course, stress is part of life, but learning how to manage it can be a good start in improving your memory and learning skills.

2. Improve your memory by association. One of the techniques that you can use to improve your memory and learning is to associate the thing you want to remember to something that you are familiar with. You can remember people’s names by associating it with something that sounds-alike, or by associating it with something that you are already familiar with – that way, you can easily memorize that particular thing because you associated with something that you can always remember.

3. Use repetition. One of the techniques to help enhance the working of your brain is by repetition. When you hear something often, you also tend to remember it easily. When you do something repeatedly, your body tends to be put on autopilot the next time around. Thus, if you want to remember something, repeat it to yourself and you will eventually remember them easily.

4. Use visualization. Indeed, you can easily remember things if you can ‘see’ it in your mind. Thus, learning how to visualize that information that you want to learn is one of the powerful tips to improve memory. Create pictures in your mind that can make you remember one thing. The power of visualization even spans out more than your memory. It can also help guide you towards achieving your goals as well.

5. Use mnemonics. If you can still remember Roy G. Biv in your science class, you will surely know the colors of the rainbow pretty easily. Mnemonics is a great tool that can help you remember things easily. Aside from name mnemonics, you can also use rhymes, music mnemonics, expression mnemonics and even model mnemonics. Learn how to create your own mnemonics and you will surely make a breeze when it comes to recalling things.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.co/?expert=Carolyn_Anderson

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